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For example a male multiple from ages 7 to 10 who was sexually abused a half-dozen times by a distant relative is going to have far fewer personalities than a female multiple who was severely physically, sexually, and emotionally abused by both parents from infancy to age It should be noted that many people do experience one or more of these symptoms occasionally.

However, it is unclear to researchers why more women have BPD than men. Repeated studies show these abnormalities to be particular causal of that particular impulsive aggression and high level of sensation-seeking behavior as seen in borderline personalities.

Case management is another option, where a case manager is assigned to a family needing assistance. Therefore, about four million of the U. The spotlight is how they come into the conscious world. It is then that the prevalent destructive, angry, and manipulative behaviors surface in an effort to avert the anticipated loss of support Gunerdon, Berkowitz et al.

Res Nurs Health 22 4. Recent research in the United States shows that about 1. In many cases of multiple personalities the personalities will talk of a spotlight. Borderline Personality Disorder Essay: Tests and Diagnosis BPD is diagnosed by a licensed mental health professional like a psychologist, psychiatrist or clinical worker based on the interview and inclusive medical examinations.

Treatment Methods Once BPD is considered a disorder of conflict, a number of deficits can be identified using current knowledge about its definition, etiology, and treatment. Relationships may become highly complicated when there is more than two personalities.

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However, an individual suffering from borderline personality disorder tends to experience many of these symptoms consistently throughout adulthood. What is Multiple Personality Disorder.

Occasionally however while one personality is dominant and functions consciously, the other continues to function sub-consciously and is referred to the co conscious personality.

The question of whether the borderline individual should be included in these meetings is still open, although most parents object to it citing the meetings as form of refuge. Besides, psychotherapy is the most effective treatment for BPD disorder. In the novel, The Minds of Billy Miligin, there was a man who had twenty-four personalities.

Researchers found that early separations from parents 1 to 3 months were more frequently observed in BPD patients Zanarini et al,as BPD patients are more likely to display angry withdrawing patterns of attachment and compulsive care-seeking patterns.

The common symptoms of BPD are as follows: Hence, having a family member who is suffering from the disorder is a risk factor for people around him or her to develop the illness.

Borderline Personality Disorder Essay

An individual with BPD tend to experience strong episodes of depression, anger, and anxiety that last only for a few hours or even days. History of shifting symptom picture.

It suggests that the way you comprehend and absorb these relationships is intimately connected with other psychoanalytic notions, such as love and aggression, and strongly influences the development of the id, ego, and superego.

Common symptoms of BPD are hostility, isolation and suicidal attempts. Most know that there is something wrong with them; many fear that they Disorder essay papers personality crazy, but few know that they have a disorder.

Elaborating on Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms People with BPD are very sensitive to the way others treat them, and are known to exhibit a phenomenon, sometimes called splitting or black-and-white thinking, which includes a positive shift from idealizing others intense love and affectionto negative, devaluing them feeling anger or hate in response to perceived kindness or threats Linehan, Zanarini and colleagues reported that the risk of developing BPD was 14 times higher in those reporting childhood sexual abuse than physical abuse, prevalent in other PDS.

They suffer from a cycle of increased pain from the shame and guilt that follow such impulsive actions they acted on to relieve their emotional pain. History of unsuccessful therapy.

Hence, this paper explores BPD, its diagnosis, symptoms and treatment. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 20 4 However, an individual suffering from borderline personality disorder tends to experience many of these symptoms consistently throughout adulthood.

Such population will be directly acquired BPD or be diagnosed with the disorder as a result of their association or living together with individuals diagnosed with BPD.

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Also, by focusing on tasks rather than modalities, therapy can be adapted to a variety of environmental settings. One psychoanalytic theory, called object-relations theory, is concerned with how an individual internalizes relationships with significant people, particularly parents.

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Borderline Personality Disorder Essay Sample

These people may also make up other people who are not scared or people, who can not feel pain to turn deal with abuse, which also turn into separate personalities.

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Histrionic Personality Disorder Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD), according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), is a type of personality disorder in which the affected individual displays a pervasive pattern of excessive emotionality and attention-seeking behavior beginning in early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts (Benjamin,p.

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Disorder essay papers personality

Personality Disorders in Modern Life. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons. Friedel, O. R. (). Borderline Personality Disorder Demystified: An Essential Guide for Understanding and Living with BPD, Da Capo Press. The sample of essay you’ve recently read was written on one of the most commonly analyzed topics – borderline personality disorder.

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A personality disorder is the basis of many circumstances of maladaptive behavior including substance abuse, self-harm, suicide, and criminality. There are ten different personality disorders, each having specific symptoms, but.

Borderline Personality Disorder (Adhd) - Borderline Personality Disorder is a cluster-B personality disorder. Cluster- B disorders ' central feature is a pattern of marked impulsivity and instability of affects, interpersonal relationships, and self image.

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